The only unofficial dribbble app you'll ever need.
For Windows Phone.

"It’s beautiful and does things we’ve never seen in any app for Windows Phone. It’s hard to imagine a more enjoyable way to use Dribbble on Windows Phone."

− WPCentral


Start screen

start screen

the door to dribbble


Start screen panorama

incoming activity

don’t miss a thing

Log in with your dribbble account and you’re all set.

Incoming activity

buckets support

organize shots on the go

Like a shot? Put it in your bucket(s).

Buckets support

Like any shot

like any shot

from within the app

Built-in! No need to use an in-app browser.

Like any shot

comment on shots

keep the conversation going

See all the responses from any shot and reply to them.

Comment on shots

and much more


Threepointer is the only unofficial dribbble app you’ll ever need. For Windows Phone. Created by us, Stan Gursky and Rolando Rodrigues.

Stan GurskyStan Gursky


Website / Dribbble / Behance / Twitter

Rolando RodriguesRolando Rodrigues


Dribbble / Behance / Twitter

Since we’re huge dribbble and Windows Phone fans und users ourselves we thought that the Windows Phone community needs an awesome app that not only looks better than any other dribbble client available but also has more features than on any other platform.

We hope you’ll love using Threepointer as much as we do.

You have any suggestions how to make Threepointer even better or just want to say “hi” to us, then feel free to fire us an email.


Threepointer is completely free and will stay free! No pricetag, no ads, nada!
Just pure awesomeness.

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Dribbble is under copyright of Dribbble LLC. All artwork and shots belong to their respective owners. Threepointer is not affiliated with Dribbble.